A Man Got Hit By A Car
An illustrative Campaign of topics that as a normally we kind of sweep under the rug and don’t really discuss until it something really negative is involved. This could also incorporate many more topics than are presented, but limitations are clear. The illustrations will be presented in a clever and comically dark fashion, so that the viewer isn’t just shown every topic and walked through understanding it, but put in an awkward position to when they realize they do or don’t understand whats going on. A booklet is my primary artifact and can be expound upon almost as long as there are problems to discuss.
In the beginning of the assignment it was really tough to find develop an idea that I could work on for 10 weeks. My thoughts are usually a bit scattered so in my notes and planning things are usually thrown around manically. Originally the project stemmed from the idea of working with topics that are considered inappropriate, in a social setting. But upon expansion this vague idea trickled down to more of a refined prompt. I wanted to bring the awareness of “tropes” society considers unwarranted in normal conversation. The big issue I had at the begging of this project was that I really had a lot of things that interested me in the beginning but I couldn’t get personally attached to any of them.The Project Consists of a booklet, posters, a bookmark, an interactive aspect, packaging, and shirts, and a video. 
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