I am no one special, just a dude, a creative sometimes, mostly a dork. But this overall insanely talented dude has a hard background in art, then went and got his BFA in Graphic design from Savannah College of Art and design. I am a creative who enjoys experimenting with different mediums. Along with being a graphic designer, I am equally an illustrator, and also a printmaker and a motion designer who loves publication design, web layout, product design, graphic novels, typography, photography and fine art. I try to embrace risk and challenge myself with hard work.
 I am always trying to come up with new ideas and narratives for illustrations and designs. And this is because I love to create, I am influenced and inspired by music and films and people meet. I wish to affect everyone different, I believe that I can change how people view certain things based on their beliefs. sometimes they need to open their eye and become more open to possibility. I want to show experiences unknown or overlooked, which can happen through censorship, and culture and other social barriers.
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