Studio Project: Museum Gallery/ Exhibition Program
My Studio project was to create and design a Museum Exhibition. This would include the exhibition, the identity an outdoor/indoor advertisement, a narrative literature and packaging for a project that would all go along with the subject of the exhibit. It was up to the student to research and discover their own subject for their project. Each section was designed in respect to the idea that this project was more about communicating the subject and the research that allowed that would lead to these designs.

My topic was the endangerment of wolves and how they have gained a bad reputation throughout history with the help of stories and legends. The exhibition would be more about the historical aspect of the endangered wolves and the vilification of them. Throughout the history of the world Wolves have universally gained a bad reputation. But they are the apex predator, made for survival. They have no problem killing to live, and this can almost seem heartless. Wolves have been hunted for many different reasons besides protection and this has had bad effects . The wolf is very important to the environment along with regulating certain animal populations. The essence of the topic is to how and why wolves have become endangered.
This design would serve as my project identity using the DIN 1451 Std EngschriftStd font and lack of graphic elements I wanted to show the subject through a almost purely typographical form. Contrast is made through colors and placement. "A history of survival" is faded to seperate the subtitle and also explain the subject of the exhibit. As Wolves come close to extinction they, will metaphorically fade from exsistence. Also a link between fade and hard to see as less wolves means it would be harder to see wolves in the wild. 
The title is a play on the book by Thomas Harris titled Silence of the Lambs. The sub heading expresses the structure of the exhibition as it explains the endangerment from a historical point of view. 
In the discovery and design I wanted to express the simplicity and the isolation of the wolves who are hunted and the lackof the species near extinction. The final design communicates a contrast to sow distance and further the endangered wolves theme. The introduction on the wall is a combination of facts I found about wolves across the internet. 
The Savannah College of Art and Design's Museum of Art was used as the exhibtion space for my project
I wanted to mess with a few designs for the advertisement. The poster design was designed to be a typographic poster to go with the musem introduction and to go on the walls. I eliminated any SCAD advertising on the project as it was only nesscary for the assignment I had to turn in. The concept behind the Advertisement was that it could a simple poster like the design of the exhibit wall. It could be used in a large or small format either inside or outside on any wall, pole, etc. It would even be asmall poster design that could be given away at the exhibit to take home. 
For the project I design this wolf skull graphic.
In this project I wanted to show something  apart from a booklet. The folded
poster/inforgraph is to be given along the exhibition as to furthur express the topic. the
poster shows a silhouette of a wolves head with my lineart skull. This is a memento mori. The inside
is a info-graph with different facts found online. The facts have to do with historical accounts of interactions with wolves. In the middle is a pie chart displaying the wolf population around the world. I used cool colors for a calming effect to accompany the “silence” of the wolves. I wanted to stick to a similar font as the DIN but something that had more variance so for the poster I switched to Grotesque MT std. 
The end product would fold into a small pocket envelope that unfolds to show two posters that could be posted up. 
The packaging for the cards I kept the simplicity of the “silence” with the design and the textured black and white walls. The wolf skull design is brought once again as a memento mori. The pack of cards ideally would have facts on the cards, but this wasn’t done, or shown. The inside pattern uses the pattern of the back of the cards. The pattern brings back the skull. The skull became the first graphic element for the project. The cards were made to have more designs and even facts on them, but time became an issue.
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