Tokyo Metropolis - Travel guide

A travel guide for the City of Tokyo

When visiting Tokyo many of the attractions to see are well-known and like most places you will end up around other tourist and will see a Family friendly side of the city. This booklet is for those more adventurous, that want to experience a more creative and gritty Metropolis. this guide invites you visit the underground locations, not only tourist traps. As the photographs are taken by tourist and residents, of the area to highlight the experience in time of the people who have visited these locations. I own none of these photos. The descriptions are provided from visitors and presents unique experiences from each location.
Photo Credits:
Alex Saurel
George Ayres
David of Randomwire
Junko Kimura
El Reyalto Travels
Lycien Jantos
Swig meets World
Grif Batenhorst
Year of Eating Fabulously (and other adventures)
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